/2010/Konzertreise Indien: Kalkutta

Konzertreise Indien: Kalkutta

The Telegraph Calcutta schreibt am 27.11.2010:
“How to create a perfect harmony”


“The rarely heard combination of the woodwind quintet – flute, oboe, bassoon, french horn and clarinet – was a welcome inclusion to the winter concert season this year. Presented by the consulate-general of the Federal Republic of Germany at the Sandré Memorial Hall of the Calcutta School of Music, the Arirang Quintet played a tantalizingly short – just under one hour – but delightful concert …
Two young boys were seen sitting spellbound troughout the evening. Expectedly, those under the age of 50 showed considerable interest in the proceedings. If young students of the piano and the violin were to attend such concerts by players of other instruments, it would do a world of good to them.”


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